The Amazon Mall is first shown in "Get a Job", when Brandy and Mr. Whiskers​ try to find it. It is strange that it was never mentioned in Season 1, although the other jungle animals knew about it. It is said from Lola Boa that no one mentioned it for a good reason.

Season 2Edit

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The Amazon Mall in"Get a Job"

In "Get a Job", Brandy and Mr. Whiskers try to earn enough Shiny Rocks to buy what they want in the Mall. Brandy wants a Purse and Mr. Whiskers wants a Monkey Wax, so they get a job in the Mall to earn enough Shiny Rocks.


Brandy and Mr. Whisker's job.

In "Jungle Makeover", Brandy and Mr. Whiskers want their treehouse to be decorated, so they enter a contest in The Amazon Mall to win a makeover for their Treehouse.

In the episode "Pop Goes the Jungle", Brandy enters a karaoke contest in The Amazon Mall.

During "Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle", Brandy buys clothes for Wolfie in The Amazon Mall.

Amazon Mall

survival item sold in Amazon Mall

In "Sandy & Mr. Frisky", Brandy and Mr. Whiskers buy food, materials to build a shelter and stylish clothes along with Sandy & Mr. Frisky to help them in surviving in a jungle.