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Gender Male
Species South American otter
Friends Brandy Harrington
Mr. Whiskers
Lola Boa
Cheryl and Meryl
Margo (formerly)
Enemies Gaspar Le Gecko
Mr. Whiskers (formerly)
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Ed is one of the main characters in Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. He is Mr. Whiskers' other best friend.

Physical Description[]

Ed is known to look like a blue giant river otter with a large snout, big black nose, big teeth, and small fingers and ears. He is rather slouched.


Ed is sympathetic, talkative, and a little ignorant. He and Mr. Whiskers usually come up with their own plans, but it is usually Ed that does all the thinking.


Brandy Harrington[]

Ed is very nice and loyal to Brandy, almost always politely calling her "Miss Brandy." In the earlier episodes, he may have been attracted to Brandy.

Mr. Whiskers[]

Mr. Whiskers is Ed's best friend. They usually come up with silly plans. In "The No Sleep Over", Whiskers and Ed were playing pranks on Brandy and her friends while they played pranks back on them.

Lola Boa[]

Ed and Lola were always friends. However, in some of the later episodes, they fell in love with each other. At first, Mr. Whiskers was very opposed to it because they wouldn't have enough "guy time". On the other hand, Brandy thought it was a good idea because Lola was her best friend and Brandy herself is a girl. Though at the very end, Ed and Lola finally admit they like each other, but will also have time for their friends.


In "Loathe Triangle," Mr. Whiskers and Ed were fighting over Margo (which Brandy thought they were fighting for her). Whiskers and Ed tried to get Margo's attention, but she ignored them.


  • He is a judge, as seen in "You've Got Snail".
  • He is voiced by Tom Kenny, the same person who plays SpongeBob SquarePants in the popular TV show of the same name.
  • In "Lack of Brains VS. Brawns", it is revealed that he has a cousin named Matilda.
  • Him, Margo, Cheryl, and Meryl were the only main characters not introduced in the first episode.