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Gender Female
Species Stickbug
Friends Lola Boa

Cheryl and Meryl
The Lemur

Margo is one of the main antagonists and is a teenage stuck-up stickbug who lives in the Amazon Rainforest. She is above Brandy in the social chain of the Amazon Rainforest.


Margo is described as often being "the popular one." She is also said to be malicious and and loves fashion and boys. Margo also appears to be very stuck-up, selfish and vain. Despite the fact that she hangs out with Brandy, in some instances she is not afraid of belittling her in order to improve her own social standing. 


Ed and Mr. Whiskers[]

In the episode "Loathe Triangle", both Ed and Mr. Whiskers remembered all the times Margo ignored them and ironically fell in love with Margo. Later Ed and Mr. Whiskers began to fight to the death for Margo with huge blue fish. In reality, Margo thinks Mr. Whiskers is gross much like Brandy, and probably formed the same opinion for Ed.

Brandy Harrington[]

Margo and Brandy have had a repeating bitter rivalry. They both seem to be jealous of each other, for one. Margo also tries to screw up Brandy to make herself look good. Margo is often seen with Brandy's friends (Lola Boa, Cheryl and Meryl) at public places such as the Mall or the Watering Hole. Margo also usually snobs to Brandy and laughs in her face. She seems to be very close friends with Cheryl, Meryl and Lola Boa. Once they all had a girls only slumber party, in which they all had fun.


  • Her, Ed, Cheryl, and Meryl were the only main characters not introduced in the first episode.