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Radio Free Bunny is the second segment of the 19th episode of Season 1 of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. It aired on July 2, 2005.


Mr. Whiskers has been depressed as of late, as he doesn't have many friends and he is one of the least popular people in the Amazon. However, when he swallows a piece of a meteor and begins to intercept radio transmissions, he instantly becomes the most popular individual in the Amazon, as everyone wants to be around him to hear their favorite style of music play. Brandy becomes concerned because she realizes that he's just being used, though he decides to make the most out of his sudden popularity; though will he find it to be all he thought it would be?




  • According to this episode, Brandy has saved Mr. Whiskers' life 1,482 times. But, in "Payback" it's stated that Brandy has saved his life thousands of times. In production order, this episode takes place before the events of "Payback", so she could have saved his life thousands of times after the events of it, but it's not stated.
  • According to this episode's credits, the copyright date is 2004.
  • This episode and "Net of Lies" both have events occurring on the date June 12th, according to the calendars in each episode.


  • Mr. Whiskers' legs become super long for a frame.


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