Sandy Carington (of the Georgia Caringtons) - A fashionable dog who appeared in "Sandy & Mr. Frisky". Sandy fell off the plane with Mr. Frisky the same way Brandy and Mr. Whiskers did. She made friends with Mr. Frisky very fast and after they have landed in the rainforest, she didn't blame him for confusing the hatch for a light switch. When they meet Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, she seems to be much alike Brandy, but with time it goes to show she's more friendly, nice and 'caring'. Not only is she kinder, but better at everything than Brandy.

Physical Description Edit

Her look is very similar to Brandy Harrington. Sandy has orange, wavy, dog ears (similar to pigtails), tan skin, green eyes and pointed mouth. She wears a mellow, yellow shirt with light blue cardigan, a darker blue skirt, purple sandals with blue stirpe. She doesn't have a collar like Tiffany and Brandy. In the night she wears a blue pyjama in stripes.