Tiffany Turlington (of the Texas Turlingtons)
- A brown dog, the same breed as Brandy Harrington, who appeared in "One of a Kind", in which she fell off a plane like Brandy Harrington and Mr. Whiskers. Tiffany claimed to be very rich and has claimed to visit many different places. In the beginning she befriended with Brandy and shared many interests with her. Brandy, feeling the need to prove she's good friend material, lied to Tiffany about the places she'd been to when she really hadn't. At the end of the episode they had an arguement about Mr. Whiskers. While Brandy has a musical leash, she has one with a tracker bug.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tiffany's physical appearance is very similar to Brandy's. Tiffany has brown colored ears that have curved endings (similar to pigtails), tan skin and green eyes.

She usually wears a blue short-sleeved shirt that exposed her bellybutton, black jeans and blue platform sandals with blue stripe. She also wears a light blue bikini on the beach. She has a black collar with a tracker bug in it, which helped her getting out of the Amazon rainforest.


It's been rumored that Tiffany's owner is named Annabelle Turlington.