Vlad - A vampire bat, neighbor of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, who appeared in The Curse of the Vampire Bat


At first Brandy believed he's a vegeterian, but Whiskers was convinced that he is a vampire and tried to prove it to his friends. At the end of "The Curse of the Vampire Bat ", Vlad admits that he's a vampire. However He likes to drink blood out of horses and cows, so he wasnt really a threat to Brandy or her friends. There are plenty of cows and horses in amazon forest.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vlad was an imposing, somehwat muscular big, grey bat. His wings act somewhat like a cape.


Vlad comes off as an a eccnetric, theartical and secluded person who is seemingly a threat, but is in fact no real danger to anyone. He is also very secretive.


  • "Welcome!" (First lines)
  • "Happens all the time!"
  • "My name is Vlad. You may not fear, Mr. Whiskers , for i' am not vampire."
  • "Yes! Well, I can probably interest you into joining me for dinner, for a bite."
  • "HAHAHA! Vee all make mistakes, Mr. Whiskers."
  • "NO! NEVER! I mean, i'm pretty warm now, maybe later." (On catching some sun)
  • "Want to see something SCARY?"
  • "Then follow me, to this trail's dead end..."
  • "Scream all you want Mr. Whiskers. No one will hear..."
  • "WHAT? He is not my minion."
  • "This is why I must pretend to be a fruit bat! Everywhere I go, it's the same: Oh it's a vampire! It's going to drain on all our blood! You people are as about as intolerant as you are uneducated!"
  • "I' am just like a big mosquito okay? I only take a little blood, usually from cows or horses, not bunnies or dogs. SO WHAT IS VE BIG DEAL ALREADY!?!?!!"
  • "Think again, veirdo."
  • "Stay out my property!" (Last lines)


  • He speaks in a Hungarian accent, which is a clear nod to Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Dracula.
  • Years later, Tom Kenny would later voice another vampiric bat-like character named "Nightstrike" in Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015).
  • He is good at playing shadow puppets.
  • He only appeared in one episode.